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  Early in the morning, as soon as the alarm woke me up, my father told me it was snowing. I quickly ran to the window and opened the window. I saw the snow as light as smoke and as white as jade, falling from the air and in the arms of mother earth. The long-awaited snow finally came!

  The white snow on the ground is getting thicker and thicker. The trees, roofs and lawns are covered with silver and white. The whole earth has become a world of powder and jade. After breakfast, my mother and I went downstairs to play. Our feet stepped on the soft snow and made a "creak" sound. I was happy and forgot the cold. In the community, several children are having snowball fights, and some children are making snowmen. They paint the snowman with black eyes and red mouth, and put on their favorite scarf. Everyone has a great time! Snow brings us childlike fun, happiness and good memories

  Snow is pure. It purifies the air and reduces haze; Snow is simple, it turns into rain to moisten all things; Snow is selfless. It provides energy for the growth of all things! As the saying goes, "auspicious snow bodes well for a bumper year", farmers" uncles will have a bumper harvest in the coming year!


  The Winter Olympics I know began with the first anniversary of the countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympics.

  That day"s event was held in the "ice cube" of the National Swimming Center. The "ice cube" has bright lights, the stage decorated with blue ice crystal geometric patterns and the shell of the water cube complement each other, and the giant banners of the mascots "ice pier" and "snow Rongrong" are hung in the air, reflecting the characteristics of winter ice and snow sports and modern science and technology.

  What is the Olympic Games? I think:

  First of all, it is a struggle. On this stage, people all over the world have fully demonstrated their strength, will, skills and the beauty of nature, struggled with human physiological limits, and won the favor of hundreds of millions of viewers. Every trophy is a limit.

  Second, it is a war. In this battlefield, the banner of "higher, faster and stronger" is fluttering in the wind, which reflects that every athlete has the courage to challenge the strong players in the world and constantly surpass himself and others. Every record is a miracle of mankind.

  Again, it is a kind of life. In this life, use sports to improve human health and optimism, use persistence to express their longing for life, and use sweat and tears to show the value of life. Every cry is another wonderful of life.

  Finally, it is a party. Chinese China very fruitful and China novel coronavirus pneumonia has been working together in the world. The epidemic prevention and control is effective, and the recovery of the economic development is good. The strategic epidemic prevention measures have blocked the spread of COVID-19. China has set an example and demonstration for governments and people all over the world, and has also provided effective experience and wisdom for the world"s epidemic prevention and control of infectious diseases. It has been highly praised by people all over the world. Hosting the Winter Olympic Games in China has shown the world "China"s charm", displayed "China"s business card", and displayed the brand-new image of the world"s second largest economy and responsible power.

  2022 Winter Olympics, I cheer for you! 2022 Beijing, I cheer for you!


  The Dragon Boat Festival, also called the Duanwu Festival, is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month according to the Chinese calendar. This festival is to commemorate the death of QU Yuan, an upright and honest poet and statesman who is said to have committed suicide by drowning himself in a river.

  The most important activity of this festival is the Dragon Boat races. It symbolizes people‘s attempts to rescue Qu Yuan. In the current period, these races also demonstrate the virtues of cooperation and teamwork.

  Besides, the festival has also been marked by eating zong zi (glutinous rice)。 Zong zi is made of glutinous rice stuffed with different fillings and wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves. People who mourned the death of Qu threw Zong zi into the river to feed his ghost every year.

  With the changes of the times, the memorial turns to be a time for protection from evil and disease for the rest of year. People will hang healthy herbs on the front door to clear the bad luck of the house. Although the significance of the festival might be different with the past, it still gives the observer an opportunity to glimpse a part of the rich Chinese cultural heritage.


  National Day holiday, my mother took me to Hangzhou to play, I asked my mother: "how long do you want to take the car?"? She said, "I"ll sit for more than four hours". I was scared to death. I thought I was carsick and would throw up several times. However, in order to play, I had to insist. As a result, I threw up twice. On the first day, we played the West Lake. We took a boat to visit the lake. We saw three pools imprinting the moon and broken bridges. We also saw xiaoyingzhou, Huxin Pavilion and Ruan gongdun in the textbook. We came to SUDI for a walk and took pictures on the grass. My four claws were facing the sky. It was like a "big" word!

  The next day, we came to the beautiful Feng Shui cave. It was dark and cool. There were many and very high stairs. If we were not careful, we would fall down. We saw giant salamanders, some big and some small. The guide said it was called giant salamander because its voice was the same as that of a baby. Unfortunately, we didn"t hear it. In the afternoon, we went to the Grand Canyon in Western Zhejiang. It was full of mountains and waterfalls. The mountains were not high and the water was very clear. The most fun we played was drifting. We put on raincoats, rainpants and life jackets and sat on both sides of the boat. When we went downhill, we sat in the middle, which was very exciting and fun.

  On the third day, we went to Qiandao Lake. There were so many people in Qiandao Lake! Unfortunately, I caught a cold. I was tired and couldn"t run. There were 1078 islands of different sizes in Qiandao Lake. We only went to three islands. We ate fish balls on the island, fed goldfish, walked the Zhuangyuan bridge and saw the Hairui temple.

  After the three-day journey, we headed for a warm home. I"ll go out next long holiday.


  The motherland is everyone"s home and everyone"s mother. With her huge and warm hands, she gently hugged us, took good care of us and nurtured us. Give us happiness, give us ideals, give us a warm home

  Although she takes care of us, she knows how to love us. She will not spoil, but let us find the truth in difficulties. When the storm came, she let us overcome the bad environment by ourselves; Let us learn to be strong by ourselves; Let us understand the value of life... Life is not plain sailing. She is teaching us everything with nature. Let us experience it and then understand the truth in the world. She even sacrificed herself to let us explore the mysteries of the world. She was already scarred by war, pollution, greed and so on, but she didn"t complain. She didn"t know that her condition was deteriorating rapidly and sometimes hurt us unconsciously. Although she didn"t want to, her body called to mankind on behalf of her, Let mankind get due punishment... How great our motherland is!

  How many heroes and talents have our motherland trained since ancient times! Zheng Chenggong, a national hero, said: "we will open up the land of Jingzhen, chase the lotus and the foreigners, and recover the foundation in ten years; There are still 3000 guests in Tianheng. Ru can"t bear to leave. " And Yue Fei, who is loyal to the country; Wen Tianxiang, who would rather die than surrender; Lin Zexu of Humen; Chen Tianhua, who sent blood letters from afar; Yang Jingyu, who devoted himself to resisting Japan; Wu Yuzhang, who upholds national dignity... So many heroes and talents who have dedicated themselves to our country and even sacrificed their lives are trained by the motherland. How admirable and respected the motherland is!

  Not only that, those beautiful rivers and mountains, beautiful scenery, like fairyland on earth, such as Guilin landscape, Paradise West Lake, Yunnan stone forest, Jilin rime and so on, are all made by the motherland and loved and respected by people all over the world. I am proud of such a motherland!

  Ah! Motherland, you have written one historical legend after another. I am proud of you. I hope you will become more and more prosperous and prosperous!


  National Day is coming. I"m very happy because my mother is resting today. She"s going to take me to Hangzhou paradise.

  The first time we took the subway in Hangzhou, we found that the subway was really more convenient than driving by ourselves! Soon we arrived at the gate of Hangzhou paradise. We first went to the "langshui Park" in Hangzhou paradise. My mother and I changed our swimsuits and went in. After going inside, I found that there are many items I can"t play, because I"m less than 1.5 meters tall and can only play a few. I first went to the children"s slide to play several times, and found that all the children playing were younger than me, and my parents were watching. I thought my mother would be very boring, so I told my mother to change a project. We went to an arch bridge and saw someone playing with the rapids. The children can play with a height of 1.2 meters. So my mother and I asked for a double life buoy, put on a life jacket and started our torrent. As soon as I sat down with my mother, a big wave flew over, and our lifebuoy pushed us five or six meters away. The water in the river was beating in circles, a big wave from the back pushed us forward, and a wave from the front pushed us backward. My mother and I worked together and finally played a circle. I think it"s fun. We played it seven times in a row.

  Mother said it was bad for our health to soak in the water for too long, so we took a shower and changed our clothes and went to Hangzhou paradise.

  We played the pirate ship first. The pirate ship swung higher and higher. I was very afraid and didn"t dare to move. After playing the pirate ship, we went to play the ghost ship again. The ghosts in the ghost ship are really terrible. Some heads fell off; Some are like vampires; Some ghosts have two heads and nine heads in their belly; Some only write with their hands, but their heads leave their bodies; And the head and body came out of the coffin, which was very scary. I held my mother"s hand tightly and followed her. Finally came out and I breathed out.


  The moon of this year"s Mid Autumn Festival is big and round, like a big silver plate. I was alone in my room, looking at the "silver plate" and thought, "what will Chang"e be doing this mid autumn festival? Is Yutu still pounding medicine? Did Wu Gang cut down the osmanthus tree? " Thinking about it, I slowly fell asleep

  "Why? Where is this? " As soon as I opened my eyes, I came to a place where it was dark all around but the ground was shining with silver. "I"m not on the moon, am I?" I am helpless to continue to move forward, who let me not know the way home! All of a sudden, I saw the light of a machine in the distance. Is there anyone in this desolate place now? I ran to see a woman in ancient costume sitting in front of the computer?! Yes, it"s a woman in ancient costume sitting in front of the computer. I said to her, "Hello, my name is Qiu Yu." But she looked around and said, "eh? There is no one around, how can there be a voice? Have you been playing computer for too long Then he immersed himself in his "computer world". I can"t help it. She can"t see me. I have to watch her play with the computer to see if I can find a way to go home. Now she is shopping online and has bought many kinds of moon cakes, including lotus egg yolk stuffing, jujube bean paste stuffing, and five kernel fruit stuffing. Finally, she fills in the purchase form: the addressee is Chang"e, and the address is moon Guanghan palace. Halo - this is really the moon, this ancient woman is actually Chang"e; Unexpectedly, technology developed to this point, even Chang"e also online shopping!

  A snow-white figure with the speed of light to Chang"e side, it is the rabbit ah! It doesn"t work well. What are you doing? I was wondering, only to hear Chang"e reprimand: "Yutu, you don"t make medicine, what are you doing? Go back quickly!" Unexpectedly, instead of going back, Yutu refuted Chang"e and said, "if you are allowed to play, you are not allowed to watch! Now life is mechanized. How can we use our hands to make medicine? I have bought back a super tamper for a long time. The medicine produced by tampering is good. Prison break Rabbit is buying a lot of my medicine on the Internet! It"s like you. After playing for such a long time, you don"t even have a netizen. " What kind of world is this? Yutu could talk to his master like this. When I was stunned, I heard a loud noise not far from us. I followed Chang"e and Yutu to see what happened. It turned out that Wu Gang lost his axe, picked up a convenient electric saw, and cut down the osmanthus tree at once. Suddenly, the moon is full of flowers, a lot of sweet scented osmanthus surrounded me, so I fainted

  Suddenly, as soon as I opened my eyes, I found that I was still in my warm bed. Fortunately, it"s just a dream. It seems that the absence of high technology on the moon is a good thing: it"s harmful to Chang"e"s addiction to the Internet, to Yutu"s laziness, and to Wu Gang"s cutting down the osmanthus trees, making the moon full of osmanthus. However, this interesting and thrilling dream is finally over


  First grade, going to school is a curiosity; Second grade, school is an experience; Third grade, go to school is a kind of gratifying; Fourth grade, school is a kind of happiness; Fifth grade, school is a hope.

  And today, the first day of this graduating class, what kind of? Not curiosity, not experience, not comfort, not happiness and hope, is the kind of thirst for knowledge feeling!

  Yes, sixth grade, this for the primary school students, what a terrible three words, because entering the sixth grade, it means to leave, leave this life for six years of the "home"! But here we are, in this chilly "country". So, we must work hard, work hard to leave here can also have a kind of gratified expression: because I have paid, for the Alma mater feeding me all, I can compensate!

  Think about it, I stretched out my hands, looking at the hands of the short lifeline, suddenly clenched his fist, thinking: fate is always in their own hands, only their own efforts, in order to get a "big dinner", only the thirst for knowledge, to get tomorrow"s people in the mouth of talent.

  The new semester, a new beginning, I will have new knowledge!

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